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About us


EMIS VALVES is a professional manufacturer of double offset high performance butterfly valves for high pressure, high temperature applications, and is also specialized in pneumatic valves and stainless steel valves for middle & low pressure industrial fluid control system.


Our double offset high performance butterfly valves are available in soft seat, metal seat and fire-safe seat designs. With unique seat designs equal to Flowseal and Bray, EMIS VALVES is the leading manufacturer for double offset high performance butterfly valves in China, plus the CE PED approved foundry we cooperate with, EMIS HPBFVs stand for real high performance valves with bi-directinal seal for all soft seat, metal seat and fire safe applications.

For middle & low pressure fluid control systems, our products mainly include angle seat valves, ball valves, check valves, shuttle vavles and stainer, etc. We also provide OEM services for machining.


EMIS high performance valves are widely used in many industries including heating,ventilating and air conditioning, power generation,hydrocarbon processing, water and waste water treatment, and marine and commercial shipbuilding. Our double offset high performance butterfly valves are also installed in applications as diverse as food and beverage processing, snowmaking and pulp and paper production. Configurations are available for harsh conditions as well as applications requiring nominal pressure and temperature ratings.

Construction                                      Pulp and Paper Mills
Chemical / Petro-Chemical                 Oil Refineries and Oil Field
Liquified Gas / Refrigeration             Ship Building
Heavy Industrial                                Hydrocarbon Processing
Power / Co-Generation Plants            Gas Piping
Steel and Iron Works                        Local Area Energy Supply
Commercial                                        Industrial

High quality, reasonable pricing and superior pre-sale/after-sale services are what EMIS pursues. EMIS is committed to the needs of our customers, our passion for innovation, commitment to quality and dedication to superior service will never change.


If you would like to contact one of our sales representatives, please feel free to email us at sales@emisvalves.com

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